The Outside

This is an ongoing project

“Let me put on my costume” a friend said as I waited for her in my car parked outside her apartment. A few minutes passed and then she came out looking seemingly normal - except perhaps a bit raggedy - and with a thin blue face mask which covered her smile.
We walked together towards a big tree on the street, and as we moved I felt a need, or almost a responsability to remind her the space between us had widen. I caught myself feeling a bit embarrassed of being a bit too excited of seeing someone different from my family for the first time in weeks. It was early April. I wasn’t sure where this project was going, and I’m still not sure where will it go. 

But there is something I find captivating about this sudden need to dress almost in a soldier-like exercise to enter the outside. A costume in a way we have chosen, or a new character, even if there isn’t anything peculiar that catches the eye to those who know us, it is us who feel alienated from our image.
I started this series by photographing friends, and I have expanded it since to photographing anyone that wants to be portrayed and has contacted me through the ads I have plastered acrossed my social media platforms.

Along with the participation of stangers, I have invited and encourage them to be as realistic or as fanciful as they feel like being, I remind them their uniform only serves their own given practicality, which in return can be as physical or emotional as they need it to be. 

Disclaimer: All social distance measures were taken during the realization of these portraits. At the current date (April 2021) all portraits have been performed in the city of Merida, Mexico.